You never know what life’s going to bring you, do you? Maybe you’re walking down the street one day and you trip over and fall on your face in front of that cute person from high school you had a major crush on, and they just laugh at you. Or maybe … just maybe … you’ll find a hundred dollars!


Here at Grouse, we don’t really subscribe to the whole “keep Halloween out of Australia” thing. Dressing up, having parties and handing out tons of lollies to kids? Fucking awesome. Let’s do this thing! Lollies aside (yeah we’re not going to start saying “candy”, don’t worry about that) the¬†Halloween period is also a great excuse […]

How To Talk Australians

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, and if you’re kicking around with not a lot to do, you should watch this series if you haven’t already. Watch it again if you have. If you’re a foreigner who has stumbled across this site and has questions about Australian culture, watching all of this will help you a […]

Cracked Coconut

The Legend of the Booty Coconut

I predict nothing less than chart-topping success for this song. Also, you’re going to have it stuck in your head for a week. Once you’re done there, you’ll want to hear what celebrities may or may not have said about things that ¬†may or may not have been the Booty Coconut. These Fools Be Known […]