You never know what life’s going to bring you, do you? Maybe you’re walking down the street one day and you trip over and fall on your face in front of that cute person from high school you had a major crush on, and they just laugh at you. Or maybe … just maybe … you’ll find a hundred dollars!

Taking You Higher Pt. 3

Our Grouse Mate, Aaron Static, did the mix for the latest in MrSuicideSheep’s “Taking You Higher” series. You should go give it a listen, and buy the album on iTunes or Google Play if you like it. How good a deal is that? Enjoy it, then pay for it if you feel like it. Or never […]


New Aphex Twin Album: SYRO

Some Grouse music news! Resident Advisor has confirmed rumours of a new Aphex Twin album that Richard D. James has been seemingly dropping clues about over the last few days. These have consisted of subtle things like a blimp emblazoned with the Aphex Twin logo, and then a cryptic TOR link revealing a tracklist posted this morning to his twitter […]

Cracked Coconut

The Legend of the Booty Coconut

I predict nothing less than chart-topping success for this song. Also, you’re going to have it stuck in your head for a week. Once you’re done there, you’ll want to hear what celebrities may or may not have said about things that  may or may not have been the Booty Coconut. These Fools Be Known […]