I attended a preview of “The Force Awakens” (in a dream)

While I was asleep last night, I was unexpectedly allowed to attend a preview screening of The Force Awakens. I guess I should include a big spoiler warning at this point as I have no idea if anything I’m about to reveal is or is not true. It might be. I have no idea.

A Grouse Christmas Message

At this special time of year, it’s good to pause and reflect on matters of family. One of the things I often find myself thinking about is humanity’s complicated relationship with honesty, which is vividly illustrated by most of us who are parents. We raise our kids teaching them to tell the truth, but we do […]


Here at Grouse, we don’t really subscribe to the whole “keep Halloween out of Australia” thing. Dressing up, having parties and handing out tons of lollies to kids? Fucking awesome. Let’s do this thing! Lollies aside (yeah we’re not going to start saying “candy”, don’t worry about that) the Halloween period is also a great excuse […]

DAAS at Redlands Community College, 1991

The year is 1991. Paul Keating’s second leadership challenge against Bob Hawke succeeds, and he becomes Prime Minister of Australia. The Soviet Union collapses, bringing the wavering remnants of the Cold War to a final end just as the Gulf War reaches its peak, laying the foundations for a legacy of pain and destruction that persists […]

Tally-Ho Exposed

This is a repost of an article from the old Grouse, way back in the distant past of June 2005. A simpler, more innocent time. I’ve included it here because it was the first long article of this type ever to appear on what had previously been a “site of the day” page, and because […]