How To Talk Australians

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, and if you’re kicking around with not a lot to do, you should watch this series if you haven’t already. Watch it again if you have. If you’re a foreigner who has stumbled across this site and has questions about Australian culture, watching all of this will help you a […]

Taking You Higher Pt. 3

Our Grouse Mate, Aaron Static, did the mix for the latest in MrSuicideSheep’s “Taking You Higher” series. You should go give it a listen, and buy the album on iTunes or Google Play if you like it. How good a deal is that? Enjoy it, then pay for it if you feel like it. Or never […]

Tally-Ho Exposed

This is a repost of an article from the old Grouse, way back in the distant past of June 2005. A simpler, more innocent time. I’ve included it here because it was the first long article of this type ever to appear on what had previously been a “site of the day” page, and because […]

Bye, Dinosaur Guy!

Lord Richard Attenborough has died today, leaving behind a substantial legacy of a movie about dinosaurs that was pretty popular. Like that time we lost the Star Wars guy, we’d like to take a moment and reflect upon that one thing he did that we can remember right now. Is there an online petition  we can […]

Thanks For Signing Up For Duck Facts

We think ducks are pretty Grouse (unlike grouse, which are pretty dumb). We’ve always featured ducks on the various iterations of Grouse through the years, but there’s never been a comprehensive guide to ducks before. Here are some sweet Duck Facts! What exactly is a duck? Ducks are birds that belong to the bird family Anatidae, along with geese […]